The Best Way to Get Productive: Watch “Study with Me” YouTube Videos

Why “study with me” YouTube videos motivate me to write more

Abby Joseph



I’m a sucker for productivity content on YouTube.

I’ve watched videos on how to declutter, study more effectively, and meal prep for the week. And out of all of these types of videos, my favorite by far are the “study with me” videos.

You know the ones — they typically feature somebody studying for exams in real-time, with soft music playing in the background.

There’s something about these videos that just motivates me to get more work done. Maybe it’s the fact that I can see somebody else being productive and making use of their time. Or maybe it’s because I like seeing other people’s study spaces and routines.

Regardless, every time I sit down to write with one of these videos playing in the background, I usually find that I wind up getting a lot more writing done than I had planned.

Why “Study with Me” Videos Work for Me

I think there are a few reasons why these types of videos work so well for me. For one, they help me to get in the right mindset for writing.

Seeing somebody else focus on their studies helps me to focus on my own work and enter what Cal Newport calls a “deep work” state. In this state, I’m completely focused on the task at hand and am able to produce some of my best work.

Additionally, these videos help me to establish some structure for my writing session. Without fail, every “study with me” video features someone who has a routine and set schedule for their studies.

While I don’t necessarily follow their routines to a T, it does help to have some sort of structure in place before I start writing. That way, I know exactly how much time I have to write and can make the most of it.

Finally, these videos serve as a reminder that other people are also working hard and trying to improve themselves.

It’s easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we’re not doing enough. But when I watch somebody else studiously working away on their exams, it reminds me that we’re all just trying our best and that comparison is pointless.

Do you like productivity content on YouTube?

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